Statement by the Board of XL Communication at the commencement of full commercial broadcast, April 1, 2019

Today we commence full broadcast as the 7th commercial radio station serving Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. But we are truly headed for the top spot.  We believe there are significant opportunities in this market for an innovative radio station that delivers on the needs and expectations of the ever-growing and discerning audience in the state.

Our vision is to inspire and motivate top performance in Akwa Ibom people. We plan to do this by consistently broadcasting fresh, relevant, creative, informative and vibrant programmes.  We will give the audience what it needs: More music, far less talk. Our crew represents some of the best in the market and soon you will be interacting with them on air and real life. 

We are a commercial station driven by social and commercial objectives. And nothing more. We are the radio with a heart. A heart for our people, offering contents that help them excel and become the best. A heart to celebrate our achievements, support our people through challenges and stand together to advocate for what is rightly ours. 

You will find us championing an Akwa Ibom first mentality. We are here to promote, support and celebrate whatever will be good for Akwa Ibom and Akwa Ibom people. A dream? We will champion it. An idea? We will help you to water it. And find the wings to take to flight. 

We have a rich, diverse culture in Akwa Ibom.  It will influence the things we do.  We will follow after the values of excellence, leadership, professionalism, accountability, integrity and innovation. You will know where we stand on every matter. 

Radio is a tool. XL 106.9 FM will provide outlets for the creative skills and energies of Akwa Ibom people.  We will initiate and undertake programmes to create opportunities, build community, promote progress and inclusion and inspire a better life for our people.

So as we set out on our journey today, we invite your partnership.  Alone, we falter.  But working together, we can and will create a unique experience for you and for Akwa Ibom.

God bless you.

And God bless Akwa Ibom State.

Utibe Ukim

CEO, XL Communications